What’s it like working at Pressure?

It’s really Kool I can’t compare it with any other experience. I don’t see how one can find a better mash up of passion and dedication for work, camaraderie, creativity, intelligence, and sick ass parties.


Has this job affected your skills?

I’ve learned to develop my skills in delegation as I have a greater confidence in my teammate’s abilities. No more are the days of micro-management, my team is “Sick with it”.


What personal and work characteristics are important to have when doing the job you do?

Management: You need a good sense of the people who work with you, how they communicate, and how they think (this includes the client). An Executive Producer should have excellent inter-personal skills and definitely needs to be able to think on their feet.


One thing that I’ve learned in life is that you always start on plan A, quickly slide into Plan F (which means everything is “F’d” up); but you have to step up and deliver Plan G where every one can say “Good Work”.


In this position the buck stops at the quality of the final product. The final product is the sum of all its parts, the parts are the client, the creative and production team, and the subject being communicated too. Managing all those variables is a serious duty.

How do you keep up with trends?

Television… Hello!! lol. Seriously, I read like a maniac spending hours a day on the net, surfing away. I check out sites like businessweek.com, ProHipHop – Hip Hop Marketing & Business News, and Nevillehobson.com to name a few.

Not to mention Barron, Joey, and Chris bombard me with web links and books relating to innovation, technology and communication all the time. Beyond that we just set the trends, my crews “Unrestricted and Rich”.


What are you most proud of in you life – on a personal and professional level?

In 2004 I was given the responsibility to represent Toronto and facilitate a work shop at an Urban Agriculture Conference in Boston. It is significantly important to me because urban agriculture is an institution that addresses many socio-economic and environmental issues that requires serious attention and it is akin to my philosophical way of life. Further more at the age of twenty-five, I was appointed with the responsibility to represent my city and communicate our views at a North American conference that discussed a pioneering initiative that may very well be our new position as an example to environmental global leadership.


What makes your job so interesting?

The uniqueness of each project, dynamic personalities I meet all the time and the laughter I experience every day at the office. The crew is mad fun, Pressure kicks ass.


What is your Dream Project?

My dream project eh, hmm… “The Life & Times of Nika Nice- the 3 part mini series. lol.


If you weren’t producing, what would you be doing?

Farming ;-), cultivating crops on the Caribbean mountain side.