Tell us about your self!

I was born in Toronto, moved to the “Hills” when I was 8. I’m very perceptive and driven; I’ve been this way for as long as can remember. As a kid people would always poke fun and say that I acted way to old for my age. Combining that with my experience as a black pre-teen and teenager in a culturally diverse suburban town that housed Canada’s fastest growing population for 6 years straight really steered me in the right direction.


I’m one of the shyest people you could ever meet until the ice is broken; then you’ll realize that I always have an answer, response or an idea about everything. I’m an easy going dude and right now the only thing that pisses me off is that I’ve owned a snowboard for 3 years and haven’t got a chance to use it; that really, really sux (lol).


What is your creative / employment background?

We’ll I’ve been multi-tasking for 7 years before I started rolling with the Pressure Crew. In 1998 I started a small business that event managed direct and life style marketing productions for various brands and organizations.


As time went on my practice grew to meet the demands of a varied client base ranging from Bravaria, a Molson brand and local club promoters, to the Toronto Urban Harvest Festival, Agricultural & Educational groups and as well the Public Sector. To accommodate these varying communication and training projects I established 3 separate brands / businesses.


During that same time I managed my father’s commercial and residential logistics company that catered to a niche Caribbean demographic. Some where in between all that I found time to show up to my Business Management, and Marketing classes at Humber College.


What inspires you?

People; I love people, and I love life. In the back of my mind I hear a voice that tells me that “my life is not my own and I was put here to affect and influence the experiences of others”. Knowing this and knowing that my name is West African for “The barer of Light” gets me up every morning, and drives me to fight the good fight.

Why did you choose to join the Pressure Crew?

I’ll put it to you like this. I was watching “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch the other day. His guest was Donald Trump. He asked Mr. Trump to critic George Bush as if he were to Critique a CEO. The first criticism that Mr. Trump alleged was that GW did not surround him self with great people. When I saw that Barron was, and has surrounded him self with some of Toronto’s most progressive, and creative young minds there was no way I could refuse such an offer.