Dylan Taite interviews Bob Marley on reggae music, religion, politics, media and marijuana. Every one Loves Bob, ’cause Bob is a free and humble lion; a lion who speaks a concept of Love, Truth, and Righteousness.

He says “A media is a media… control”. If you look at his statement through the lens of a progressive marketer you will see that his statement is pretty deep.

Bob explains that if he was running his own news paper he would have many interviews because he would have control over the dissemination of his message. He is alluding to the notion that by owning his own channel off communication he would be able to push information that is true and authentic to his intentions.

The reality is that most people especially those who are submersed in free market societies are fairly sophisticated consumers. Now more then ever before due to the efforts of rebels like Bob Marley that promotes empowerment of the consumer. Further more technology has given both the consumer and the producer a vehicle to determine the media in which they chose to exploit. Exploit meaning to consume or transmit which ever they chose.

As a producer you must lose the reins on your ability to stair perception, you must be authentic in your transmissions. The ability of the consumer to cross-reference your claims and quickly spread negative PR is immense.

By engaging and creating authentically rational and emotional connections with your consumer. You will foster a group that will pass on your words for you with the strength of their own empowerment. We have entered an era where both consumer and producer must work in a symbiotic manner. Know what you stand for, know who would care, and then engage them in authentic form.