I was surfing the net and i came across a summary a gentleman wrote on Rastafari. Unfortunately there was no author taged to the summary so i cannot pay him/her accolades by name for their summary. Never the less Ido believe that his summary is a fairly accurate summary of the Rastafari movement, although the fullness of Rastafari runs much deeper.

Ras Chikuyu, a Rastafari Elder of the Theocratic Order of Nyabinghi defines Rastafari as a “Contemporary Theological Social Movement“. Rastafari is a movement that links the past to the present, and man to the cosmos by manifesting the”Order”. Rastafari is a testament to the Order established by Melchizedek of Salem, the Prophet Priest and King. So for those of you who are interstead in “Overstanding” the foundations of Rastafari as it applies to our day and times read the summary below.


In 1930 in Ethiopia, Ras Tafari Makonnen was crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah with the throne-name Haile Selassie (Selassie means Might of the Trinity) Marking the First and a new chapter in the struggle, one with religious connotations.

God was finally real and the Christian doctrine was no longer the monopoly of white missionaries with headquarters in Rome. The bible was studied and any reference to Ethiopia took on added significance. Ethiopia, being attacked by Italy at the start of the second world war galvanized interest and concern in the struggle of good over evil. During this period, the Ethiopian World Federation was formed in the United States of America under the guidance of the Emperor Haile Selassie the First, to unite the support for the restoration of Ethiopia. To Rastafarians, Selassie was much more than just a political leader; Rasta theology centered on the divinity of Selassie as a living manifestation of Jah, the all-knowing and all-loving God.

To Rastafarians, the story told by the Old Testament pertains to black Africans who descend from Abraham and Jacob. But white Christians altered this fact to keep Africans in a substandard position. Rastafarians refer to this oppression as “Babylon”, with obvious references to a state of slavery and cultural tyranny that all blacks must overcome.

To greater represent the truth, Rasta rejects the Bible used by most Christians, opting instead for a “black man’s Bible” known as the Holy Piby.