The Rastafari Movement has now arguably just entered the fifth epoch of
its existence. It has achieved an unheralded amount of growth and
visibility in the almost eighty odd years since its emergence. Some
authors argue that having just entered a new millennium (according to
the Ethiopian Calendar), the movement is now at a literal and
figurative crossroads. As the Rastafari movement continues to evolve,
the need arises for further serious scholarship on its highly nuanced
ontological and epistemological characteristics. In addition there
needs to be a critical appraisal of the likely path or paths that the
movement might chart in this the new millennium.

Scholarly, insightful and previously unpublished articles are sought
from a broad range of disciplines for this forthcoming edited volume
entitled: Rastafari in the New Millennium. The articles should be no
longer than 35 pages (double spaced) and can employ any of the
established citation formats. Contributed articles should (ideally)
relate to (but are not necessarily limited to) one of the categories

Rastafari History (overview of the key events/ occurrences in
Rastafari history)
Rastafari Theology
Rastafari Livity
Rastafari Philosophy
Political Dimensions of the Rastafari Movement
Gender dynamics within the Rastafari Movement
The Global Reach of the Rastafari Movement in the new Millenium
Rastafari Millennium celebrations, activities and aspirations

Please send an abstract (of not more than two hundred words) and a
brief biography or
CV to: or with
Rastafari in the New Millennium in the subject line no later than
December 14th 2007.

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