This post is in response to the following question that was posed to I Man on a previous post “Rastafari a Contemporary Theological Social Movement” written by Ras Chikuyu.

“Is The Lion of Judah (H.I.M.) still alive? I heard that his death was faked and he still reigns. Nobody I know can tell me if this is so. I want to believe he is still alive because he is such a majestic and powerful figure who stood up to colonial oppression and other devils”.



As Rastafari, the collective overstanding is the acceptance of Jah’s will to manifest and Reign in the flesh as H.I.M King Selassie I, The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the First and the Last, The Defender of the Faith, JAH RASTAFARI.

That being said any man who holds fast to the Glory of H.I.M will know and proclaim that Jah, the Ever Living King of Kings cannot die. Speaking further, Jah manifested himself to be an example to InI; displaying how we should aspire to live with the intent of executing perfect righteousness and in doing so we will be an instrument in his will to Conquer Evil. Jah has come, reigned and executed perfect Judgment and has departed to Mt. Zion so that we the Israelites shall reign as Kings and priest on earth.

In Revelations Chapter 5:9-10 it is written that H.I.M will leave us to rule as kings and priest on earth. The Spirit of Jah will not and cannot die, for he is the Alpha and Omega, therefore H.I.M liveth for Ever and Ever.