On the eve of the Iowa Caucus I was telling my father; “Pops, as each day goes by, I think more and more that Barack may win, and make it through to the Presidential race”.

To tell you the truth I was kind of surprised that he won the Caucus in Iowa yesterday. Never the less I am proud of him to say the least; a Black Man running for President of the United States, furthermore he has an actual and valid opportunity to come out of the race as a Victor.

The US is a Country that is currently feeling the back lash from poor International policies and internal Economic/Social-Economic systems that breathe spores of oppression and marginalization. Ultimately their activities are contrary to the Nikanomics philosophy and they are evidently sliding downwards in popularity around the world.

Obama’s core message is “Change”; a valid and powerful message. Although change is something that most people are adverse too, it is something that the peoples of the US are looking for. For the last 8yrs. the people have been living in fear as a means for productivity, great for short term economic injection I suppose, however not so good for the long hall as they are sliding down the power scale in the midst of globalization.

These people are looking for change, some one or some thing to create peace of mind, economically and socially; some one or something that will make them loved and admired around the world opposed to being looked upon as bullies, ignorant, and obese over-consumers.

Only time will tell how serious people of the US are about change and if they believe that Obama is the man capable of creating appropriate change.