A friend of mine introduced me to this video entitled “Zeitgeist”. The word zeitgeist is actually German for mind control. Peter Joseph, the producer of this video sets out to spark a people’s revolution with the hopes of dismantling the “Babylonian Shitstem (system)” through freeing the minds of the masses.

As a Rastafari Idren, I support Freedom Fighting initiatives. Nevertheless revolution based upon disinformation can never truly free the people as it will only serve as another form of mind control.

I do not assert that this producer is wrong in his intentions, nor do I argue he is righteous in his actions. I found this video to be compelling due to the nature of the video and the amount of attention it has acquired. That being said I think it is important to analyze and Reason the arguments that are presented and determine if they are in fact truths; because only “The Truth Shall Set Us Free”.

I am currently analyzing this video on a chapter by chapter basis in attempts to identify his arguments as fact or fallacy. Below you will read my findings on his first Chapter which addresses Religion. I invite you to watch his video, read my findings, and let me know what you think.

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The author asserts that Religion is a tool created by the power brokers (Men) for the purpose of mental manipulation. I agree with the author to a certain extent. I concur that the religion sited by the author is a religion devised by men who have co – opted a legitimate philosophy of mans physical and metaphysical interaction with our environment.

The Story of ”Christ” that the author attempts to defame is the story of a Euro-centric Christ that was created by the Roman Imperialist. This Euro-centric perspective of “Christ” was developed as a reactionary measure devised to repel the social disruption created by the original Asiatic- Black Christ.

The livity and overstanding which stems from Melchizedek of Salem fueled an uprising against Babylon (Roman Empire). As a result this livity was co-opted, absorbed and repackaged. I conclude that the author did a great job in discrediting the legitimacy of the Euro-centric Christ; however he does not address the reality of the existence and livity of the Asiatic Black Christ.

Therefore, the Author’s thesis that the Power broker created Religion as a tool to manipulate the masses is a fallacy. Rather the power broker co-opted faith or the Truth, as means to control and manipulate the masses. Therefore they made their authority the truth, by way of claiming authority of and manipulating the truth.

Semantics I suppose, but I believe that there is a fine line between the two arguments and it is imperative that the people have a clear understanding. Otherwise the people will not Overstand the power that they truly possess.