African Princess

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty, my name is Unika, also known as Ras Unika Tianyvu Tafari.

I currently live in Toronto, Canada and for the vast majority of my life the economical and socio-economical situation of the African Continent has been a burning issue in my heart.

I guess I can attribute my desire of economical progress for the “African Nation” to my experiences of being a child whose life has been directly influenced by the consequences and experiences of the African Diaspora. Subsequently the ramifications of the African Diaspora has brought forth my metaphysical passion to manifest African freedom and uprising.

I believe that there is a direct correlation between race relations (or race perception), and the economic position of ones land of origin.

to summarize my concept; I believe that if one is of African decent, and the African continent is considered to be akin to famine, civil war, and wide spread sickness (which are all a reflections of economic underdevelopment); then that individual will be perceived to be underdeveloped in contrast to there counterpart who is of European, Asian, or North / South American decent.

I invite all of you to share what your thoughts are on my statement. is my analysis fact or fiction? if factual how how does it affect the socio economic development of African peoples home and abroad, and furthermore does it have any bearing on the development of the continent?

Below is the url of an article I read on business weekly pertaining to Africa’s B-School Challenge:

“Its economy is growing, but the continent lacks a developed B-school network, says the head of the Association of African Business Schools”

A very good read check it out.