The principals of Rastafari

There are three main Mansions of Rastafari, the Theocratic Order of Nyabinghi, Boboshanti, and 12 Tribes of Israel. The dress, services, and interactions vary from Mansion to Mansion however all Rastafari maintain the following principals and manifest them in their lives. Any man or woman who claims to be Rastafari and do not submit to these “Kingcipals” are either wolves in sheep’s clothing, ignorant to the way of Rastafari, or are simply just sympathisers of the Movement. For these principals are the defining factors that separates a Ras from a Dread.

  1. Rastafari revere H.I.M. Emperor Haile Sellassie I of Ethiopia as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and the Conquering Lion of Judah. The 225th descendant of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, the last to sit upon the Throne of David, God Head, and the Ancient of Days. The same Lion of Judah that the book of Revelations Ch. 5 spoke of. Thus we submit to his will and teachings.
  2. The Honourable Marcus Garvey is our Prophet and has his place in the hierarchy of Rastafari
  3. InI actively fight against oppression and downpression (hence the word Nyabinghi means “death to all black and white oppressors”)
  4. Ethiopia is the Holy Land and is an integral part of the Garden of Eden as recorded in the book of Genesis.
  5. Africa for the Africans, at Home and Abroad”. Rastafariassert that all the African peoples brought to the western hemisphere through the advent of European slave trading, whose progeny still survives, have the inherent rights to demand their repatriation back to the African continent if so desired. Furthermore, all costs and reparations should be contributed by nations that participated in the nefarious practices of African slave trading
  6. Adhere to a Rastafari “Ital livity”, a lifestyle that is organic and sustainable
  7. Reasoning and or being Reasonable.

All Rastafari brethren hold sacred these basic I-cepts of the culture, to which we offer Biblical and Historical reference; particularly the recorded history of Ethiopia.