King of Ieration 

King of Iration

One does not convert to Rastafari, because Rastafari in its essence is a Livity (way of life) that one is called upon by the Most High to live.
The Irit (Spirit) of Rastafari is with InI from Ireation (Creation) however it often reveals itself stage by stage. Rastafariis a livity (way of life), and as in life, you learn as you live. As you grow, you learn the elements of Life, Love, Justice and the workings of the Iniverse (universe) and your eyes open a little bit wider. It is when one fully opens their eyes and submits to the will and teachings of the Head Creator as manifested in the image of Rastafari, does one become Rastafariin fullness.
To that end “many are called but only the few are chosen”, thus you do not chose to be Rastafari you are created Rastafari