Ras Chikuyu: Niabingi Idren, Was born in a rural setting on the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He migrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of 20 where he put himself through school, married, had children and furthered a lucrative career as a Systems Analyst. He then formed a consultancy firm that diversified its offerings to become a leading force in grass roots initiatives that were based around community development.

Chikuyu is an ardent believer that Community Food Security is a catalyst for poverty alleviation. He has enriched the lives of many in Canada and the Caribbean through his experiences as a Community Development Consultant, Soccer/ Football Coach, and Food Security Analyst.

As a food Security Analyst he preformed the roles of Implementing Food Assessments, Asset mapping, Sustainable Organic Waste Management systems and a purveyor of urban agriculture and community greening. Chikuyu uses food as the nexus for Youth leadership and life skills in community development.

Ras Chikuyu has worked extensively in local communities in Toronto and the Caribbean on various projects with community-based organizations. He has contributed their success by providing the following:

· Coordination of National and International Conferences, festivals and workshops

 · Development and implementation of cooperative food distribution networks

· Development of peri-urban farming and community garden programs.

Ras Chikuyu defines Rastafari as a “Contemporary Theological Social Movement”. Ras Chikuyu was a coordinator of the 1st International Rastafarian Conference in Toronto July 23 – 25 1982 and Coordinator of the 2nd International gathering in Toronto July 15 – 24 1995.

Ras Chikuyu has also devoted a substantial segment of his life to community sports and recreation as it gave him an avenue to keep youths focused, involved and aware of the importance of nutrition and health.  He now serves as the Secretary General for the St. Vincent Soccer Association where he is responsible for working with FIFA and other partners to usher forward a successful development program.