Unika HypoliteAbout Ras Unika Tianyvu (‘Nika)
Born November 2nd 1979 in Toronto Canada and I’m proud of it. I count my blessings for being born in a land where education and opportunity is abundant provided that you have the desire to achieve. To be born and raised by Chikuyu & Rose Hypolite has been interesting to say the least. I have been exposed to the hard work, diplomacy, BIG HEART and desire for knowledge that is required to be successful in our age.

My upbringing has fashioned me as a Rastafari Idren / Mar-Com Professional / and straight up Hustla .  I have been blessed and feel very fortunate to be where I am on my journey to perpetuate a Rastafari legacy of Benevolence.  I pay accolades to those who supported and guided me.

1 JAH. 1 Aim. 1 Destiny

Favorite Quote:Whole-hearted acceptance of the demands imposed by even higher standards is the basis of all human progress. A love of higher quality, we must remember, is essential in a leader. The true leader is one who realizes by faith that he is an instrument in the hands of JAH, and dedicates himself to be a guide and inspirer o…f the nobler sentiments and aspirations of the people.

Haile Selassie I